Updates | Mandated Showroom Closure & Changes to the Service Department

Updates | Mandated Showroom Closure & Changes to the Service Department

Vehicle Showroom & Sales Department

As of April 3rd, the Government of Ontario has mandated the closure of Automotive showrooms. As you might expect, that means the Showroom here at Bill's is now closed.

Sales Department

With our showroom closed, our sales department is also technically closed. However, we are still monitoring sales leads via the internet. Any Sales inquires please email info@billstoyotasales.com. Someone will answer within 1 business day.


Service Department

You might be wondering what does this mean for getting your car serviced? Well, Service and repair facilities are considered an essential service and will remain open until further notice.

Cleaning our Service Department for You

As a result of COVID-19, The Staff here at Bill's have implemented a new cleaning routine. Changes are as follows:

  • Pens, credit card machine, and any hard surfaces at the Counter are sterilized after every customer
  • Plexiglas has been installed at the counter
  • Facility door handles are disinfected regularly
  • Technicians sterilize the steering wheel and keys after completing their work


Service Appointments: Appointments, Drop-offs and Dealer Pickups


Appointments can be made over the phone or in person.


Drop-offs can be done anytime before your appointment. If you don't want to come inside, when booking the appointment let the service rep know. Standard procedure is leave your vehicle locked in a parking space on the service side and put your keys in the drop box under the canopy. We will then take the keys and do whatever work is required on the vehicle.

Dealer Pickups

If you are unable to leave your house, let our service representative know and we can arrange a dealer pickup. Basically, we will go to your house, pick up the car, service the vehicle, return the vehicle to your house, and sterilize the keys & handles. Obviously, there is a little more to it than that but our services reps will let you know the full details.



We will remain here to take care of you and for more information feel free to call us at 905-871-7417.


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