Updates | COVID-19 and Bill's Toyota

Updates | COVID-19 and Bill's Toyota

Ladies and Gentlemen,


At the time of writing, current world events are creating a very interesting situation regarding COVID-19. As a result, our hours of operation are changing and so is our cleaning routine. Right now our hours have changed to 8am - 5pm (Service Department) and 9am - 5pm (Sales Department). Our hours will change as the global situation changes and if you have any questions feel free to call 905-871-7417 (This is the dealership's main phone number). As for cleaning, we are regularly using sanitary wipes to disinfect and surfaces that our customers might come into contact with and make our best effort to prevent any possible spread.


We will try our best to remain open so that any vehicle servicing or questions you have can be taken care of.


Kent Pasincky

Website Administrator


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