New Website for 2020!

New Website for 2020!

There will be ongoing changes and updates to the website for the first quarter of 2020.


Lost, But Not Forgotten...

It all started on a cloudy November Afternoon. I was sitting in my office with Bill Jr. discussing cars and the weather, when for some reason or another, we needed to look something up. Off I went to the internet to search for our website and the required information. When I got there, I was faced with a clunky, ugly homepage that was supposed to be our representation on the internet.


However, I was on a mission to find this information and had to keep going. After some time I was finally able to find what I was looking for but not after I had a thought pop into my mind; Does the site really need to be like this? What followed was analysis, more thinking, and a pitch to Bill Jr.

This is a screenshot of the old homepage. It was very blocky, dark, and outdated.


In late November 2019, the decision was made bring our aging website out of the stone age and up to modern standards. Looking forward our mission is to have a clean looking, user friendly website for everyone that will properly represent our dealership on the Internet.



My Job is just getting started and it will be some time before all of the bugs are worked out. Until then however, if you find a problem with the site feel free to discuss it with me. Thank-you for your patience!


Kent Pasincky

Website Administrator



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