Careful: Scam Artists Lose

Careful: Scam Artists Lose

Recently, there have been many scam artists impersonating both the dealership and our employees. They have been doing so by both phone call and email, and follow your typical scam layout (you've won something, or buy some gift cards). I want you to know that these communications are not our actual staff, and we will never ask for gift cards or other shady transactions.


All emails from the dealership end with We've had a scammer use William Pasincky Jr as the name, but an email address of They can copy our name, but not our address. Also check for spelling mistakes in the email address. Example would be; the 's' after "bill" is missing.


If you ever have doubts on a particular communication, please call us or email directly.



Or, you can fill out the secure contact form on our website.


*Edit as of May 3rd, 2022: The information in this post is still relevant, so please be careful*


Kent Pasincky

Website Administrator


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